Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Niner Wine Estates

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If you're traveling on Hwy 101 in California and you see signs for Paso Robles, STOP THERE!  I can't tell you how many trips I have taken on 101 and just flew by this place and finally I realized what I had been missing all of these years!

We traveled to a cute little beach town a couple of weeks ago and on the drive there we passed by Paso Robles.  It was lined with vineyard after vineyard and after being in the car for a few hours on our way to the beach we decided to stop and do a quick tasting.  It was hard to choose where to stop as every place was just gorgeous so we randomly picked Niner Wine Estates.

It was gorgeous and the wine was delicious!  We actually took a few bottles with us (my favorite was the sauvignon blanc!).  I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was more focused on drinking the wine at the moment!  We loved it so much we actually stopped there again the next day to have a delicious lunch at their restaurant before the long drive home.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Galavanting Around Paris With Jeanne Damas

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What fashion loving girl doesn't dream of living in Paris at some point?  Having your cute little Parisian apartment surrounded by gorgeous architecture, cafe's, and couture.  Well, I have to thank The Coveteur who introduced me to the fabulous Jeanne Damas a while back.  Ever since reading their story on her I have been absolutely girl crushing and living vicariously through her on her instagram account where she always posts photos of her sensational life.  She also has a personal blog where she will do a monthly post with photos of what she has been up to.  Trust me francophiles, you won't be disappointed!

What is Jeanne's go to beauty product?  Red lipstick!  But of course!  :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall In Napa Valley

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When you live near Napa Valley taking the time to go out and visit the vineyards in the Fall is just a must. As my friends are filling up my Facebook feed with photos of their kids at pumpkin patches I thought I'd do a little session of my own in the vineyards at Charles Krug, one of my favorite wineries.  The vines may have the magical fall colors upon them but the weather is nothing like fall as it was in the upper 80's this day and a perfect sunny California day!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Song Obsession: "Paris (Aeroplane Remix)" by Friendly Fires

 While going through my instagram one day this Flipagram on Olivia Palermo's account popped up of her Paris fashion week roundup.  I fell in love with the song she used and I think any Francophile/Paris lover is going to become obsessed with it like I have!  The song is by Friendly Fires and it is called "Paris (Aeroplane Remix).

Friday, October 3, 2014

Leopard & Orange

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 Here I am on another scorching hot Palm Springs day!  We hit about 110 degrees on this day and were heading out for the evening.  I decided to wear this leopard print midi dress out to dinner.  Even though it's more material than a shorter dress the flowy-ness of it kept me pretty cool, even though in that temperature it's almost impossible to completely cool down while you're outside.  The good thing is the restaurants and stores in Palm Springs really crank up the AC so if your'e inside you're always comfortable!

Dress - Asos

Bag - Zara

Shoes - Zigisoho

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Up-and-Coming Fashionista: Princess Olympia

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An  up-and-coming fashionista that has been popping up more and more is the gorgeous Princess Olympia.  Whether it's getting an amazing seat at a couture fashion show or wearing couture for magazine spreads this girl is definitely one to watch.  Her mother being Princess Marie-Chantal it's almost impossible not to grow up to become a fashionista.

If you want to live vicariously through the Princess to see her galavanting around London or to her latest exotic destination follow her on instagram to live vicariously through her on some amazing adventures!  Oh, the life!

 photo 18bf29c100ddf7f7a51e3e47afcbe0fe.jpg  photo cb25bb3df538e3e6c22f6db74fff2ea7.jpg  photo 1ba5ad6d078ab727881f64d5aa4e8074.jpg  photo da7a512e4248c6522a390565891f8799.jpg  photo 7f10d38355468d4c5e1813ad5d09b391.jpg photo f259c95e86e9ddf86bfc4a98093391cc.jpg  photo 0eb1270a8ffbe154fb5e6b83c9f85122.jpg  photo dada1384871b4a2350a0871b2c18ab50.jpg  photo 0d89514b155ac3ede99dac9d5eff910b.jpg