Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Jam

 Happy Monday!  I thought it would be fun to share with you my latest song obsession in case you're looking for a new jam to dance to on your way to work!

Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Major Gown Moment

 photo 23F2EDFA00000578-0-image-a-51_1418253993618.jpg

Who doesn't love a good gown moment?  This past week at the Nobel Prize ceremonies this major gown moment happened courtesy of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.  This my friends, is what a future Queen looks like.

 photo 23F2FC2700000578-0-image-a-70_1418254610837.jpg  photo 23F1F7F500000578-0-image-m-61_1418254205026.jpg  photo 10411174_965943796753654_5632445988064222387_n.jpg  photo 10857817_965946996753334_1582637061181952190_n.jpg  photo 10858630_965950406752993_6988487251144587788_n.jpg  photo 10489980_965965980084769_4844309967527700593_n.jpg  photo 23F213E300000578-0-image-m-58_1418254067280.jpg

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Are you kitten me right meow!

 photo IMG_9751.jpg

There is nothing like a cozy cute pair of pajamas is there?  Today is the perfect day to snuggle up in something cozy as we are having quite a storm in California.  I wanted to share these cuties I got recently from Mr. Price.  Mr. Price is a store based out of South Africa but luckily they ship to the US!  I decided to check them out after always seeing one of my favorite bloggers Superficial Girls always rocking adorable pieces from this brand.  My first purchase was definitely a hit and a new favorite pair of pajamas!

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Perfect Christmas Sweater

 photo _9925945.jpg

 If you're going to buy a festive sweater this year look no further than this gorgeous Topshop Sequin Christmas Tree Sweater available at Nordstrom.  Holiday perfection!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Maison Jules

 photo IMG_0169.jpg

I went up to my home state of Washington for Thanksgiving and the trip was wonderful and like always went by super fast! My friend and I had plans to do quite a few photo sessions in some lovely spots but guess what? It literally rained every day I was there! I don't mean a light drizzle and something we could work with. I mean heavy rain, wind, and cold! So we ended up doing a mini session on her porch and pretty much spent the rest of the day day drinking at some local wineries.

I have a new fashion obsession of the most adorable collection inspired by Parisian street style.  Maison Jules is available at Macy's and has the cutest pieces!  Jeanne Damas and Betty from Le Blog de Betty have both been the face of their campaigns which made me lust over the pieces even more!  I'm hoping to see them have Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl be featured in a campaign someday!  How perfect would that be?!

The top I'm wearing is from Maison Jules and I have a couple other pieces in my closet I hope to share soon.  Definitely check it out!

 photo 5ab6d8e411ac23c308e6946606a1488841a14dc4.jpg  photo IMG_0172.jpg

Top - Maison Jules

Jeans - J Brand

Boots - Kenneth Cole

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cambria Photo Diary

 photo IMG_0148.jpg

I did a post a while back about a getaway I did to Cambria.  It was such a beautiful spot I just had to share a few more photos!

 photo IMG_0129.jpg  photo IMG_0128.jpg  photo IMG_0158.jpg  photo IMG_0142.jpg  photo IMG_0125.jpg

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Top Five Vlogs To Watch

 photo hqdefault.jpg

 One of my favorite times of year is up on! No, I'm not talking about Christmas, I'm talking about Vlogmas!  Never heard of Vlogmas?  Well let me tell you a bit about it.  Vlogmas is a time when bloggers/youtubers do daily vlogs starting December 1st all the way up to Christmas day.  It's fun and festive and something I love to watch.  Here is a roundup of my top 5 favorite vloggers that I recommend you watch this season.

Superficial Girl is the reason I found out about vlogmas.  I watch her youtube channel and she started popping up with these vlogmas posts and I was loving them!  She doesn't do it every year but I'm hoping this year she jumps on the vlogmas bandwagon again.  She is in South Africa so it's really interesting seeing Christmas being celebrated in such warm weather!

While watching a Superficial Girl vlogmas episode I was linked to another vlogmas a couple of years ago.  Tanya Burr is definitely one of my favorite vloggers.  She is always so cheerful and I love seeing her galavant around England.  Her vlogmas posts never disappoint and you will easily get in the Christmas spirit while watching her.

The only guy on my favorite vlogger list is Jim Chapman.  He is the fiancĂ© of Tanya Burr and never disappoints on vlogmas!  He is hilarious and provide tons of entertainment.

Lily Pebbles  is a newer vlogger that I follow and I absolutely love watching her adventures around London.  I'm not sure if she does vlogmas but she does do weekly vlogs so hopefully we see some festive ones from her next month!

Vivianna Does Makeup is another new favorite and she is a joy to watch every week on her weekly vlogs.  I'm hoping she does vlogmas this year as well!  She is friends with Lily Pebbles so you see them make appearances on each others videos and it looks like they have so much fun together!